7 Reasons Your Shoulders Are NOT Growing (Science Based)


Unfortunately, a lot of guys make the same mistakes that prevent them from adding any significant Mass to their shoulders at all, so today I want to go over eight of the most common ones.

1.You don’t go full range of motion

Three-dimensional cap-like shoulders help form a v-shaped appearance for your upper body making you appear leaner more attractive and more athletic. It also helps your arms look significantly more muscular when you have pronounced shoulders that appear to separate from the rest of the muscles in your arms. If you’re someone who actually lowers the weight all the way down when performing overhead presses, take a look at how most people perform their barbell, dumbbell, and machine overhead presses the next time you’re at the gym. You’ll notice that most people don’t lower the weight any further than the point where their upper arms are parallel to the floor before pressing the weight back up.

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